A little bit about us

The Tree Memorial is a now almost three-decade strong tradition of allowing people to mourn loss and celebrate life. People from all over are welcome to plant a tree or shrub. Tree locations are mapped out and staked with markers indicating Deciduous, Evergreen, Flowering, or Perennial. After a tree is planted, the marker is filled out with information including whom the tree was planted for, who planted the tree, year planted and type of tree. This information is kept in our permanent records. Those planting trees are encouraged to return often to visit and care for their trees. This space is a living memorial, a beautiful, and peaceful setting in which people are free to commemorate loved ones and special events.


Project One

We are working on expanding this site with the intention of adding a page listing details and photos of the trees.

Project Two

Plagues: We have been working with Michelich Granite Company to place plaques next to new and previous plantings. This is an ongoing project.